March 17, 2019

For me – the word “proactive” until recently was a buzzword, used to fill the list of other soundy words, but without any real value. And because of that I wasn’t even interested in digging deeper and trying to understand what’s beneath the surface. After I read the book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey the perspective on this word has changed.

To understand what proactive means I need to explain also what’s the opposite – being reactive. Reactive means when we are driven by external triggers. Decisions are being made based on feelings and emotions. Being reactive might be ok in situations like life-threatening, but being always reactive – it’s a life designed by other agendas for us.

On the other hand a proactive man is someone who takes control and own the situation within his influence. This person plans ahead and anticipates events. Takes responsibility for failures and don’t blame others.

Being proactive is a conscious choice towards a purposeful life.

Be proactive.